Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Back On Earth Following Hot and Explosive Times


Samsung has once again launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in a global fashion. Retailers according to Samsung should have all received cases of the phablets at this time.

As you may recall the sales of the Note 7 were halted when models had batteries that caught on fire, or worse, came into light back on September 2. A globally based recall was placed into motion at that time.

Samsung stated on October 3 that the Note 7 phablets have been reissued with different batteries and they hope with no sticking styluses as well.

South Korea was the first to get the opportunity to experience this new reissue and relaunch.

What is unclear is whether or not the reasoning behind the battery issues has been discovered or how it was able to become fixed this quickly.

Reports from China have indicated that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement phone continued to overheat and to also catch fire but little else is being said around this China-based issue.

If you happen to still have one of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s with the bad battery no need to fret.

The Samsung exchange program is continuing. However, those at Samsung recommend that you act soon.

At last notice Samsung reports that only 25% of the affected fire erupting models have been turned in during the voluntary recall that remains actively in place.

Even though 75% of the bad models of Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s remain in the hands of consumers at this time there is already some concern regarding exactly what those who are attempting to exchange potentially harmful phablets.

To help reassure consumers that they are truly receiving one of the new “safer” models Samsung has launched an IMEI checker online.

The replacement models are also said to have a battery indicator, green in color, that is to be displayed on the phablet’s screen as well as on the status bar.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 lands back on Earth at a T-Mobile near you starting this Wednesday, October 5.

No need to worry these are not the same Samsung models that have the exploding batteries as before but rather a new Samsung shipment that is said to have included a different battery.

In fact, for those that hand delivery their bad Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to their nearby T-Mobile location will receive a $25 discount on their next billing cycles bill.

If the location of choice for your return does not have one of the new safer Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s on hand you will receive a loaner phone to use until one is made available as well as the $25 discount.

Loaner phone models have not been mentioned by name, make, or variety nor disclosed in another other manner at this time.

Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T have all also resumed sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 online with not one of them noting any delay with ordering at this time.