Trump’s Presidential Congress Speech Offers No Additional Details

The President Donald Trump officially gave his speech addressing both the houses of the Congress. It was one of the most anticipated speeches as the entire congress was waiting for Trump to expose his plans for the upcoming year. The Republicans were nervous that there would be embarrassing moments. The Democrats were waiting to bring him down when he proposes a controversial plan. Trump emerged to become a political leader by taking a neutral stance and ending the speech without hurting both the parties. At the end, the Congress didn’t receive any clarification it has been waiting for.

After the Presidential inauguration, Trump signed several executive orders and promised to make great changes to the economic policies. It was expected that he will shed additional light on the details of the policies. The Republicans were slightly disappointed that Trump didn’t give policy specifics and he didn’t propose any plan on paying for the new policies. The executive branch of the White House is keen on developing policy details necessary for legislation.

The White House team was optimistic about the speech, claiming that it is visionary. On Wednesday, several lawmakers were invited to discuss policy details regarding healthcare. Trump was careful not to be strong on endorsing any aspect of the policy. He ensured that no part of the congress is alienated. He needs the support of the members from both the parties if he wants anything substantial to be done during his presidency.

Trump’s speech was interpreted differently by the Republicans. The House leaders want Trump to replace Obamacare with refundable tax credits. Paul Ryan was enthusiastic about it, but the other conservatives noted that Trump didn’t commit to the plan. Republicans want to scale back Obamacare and hoped that Trump takes a cue from the proposal. Trump pleased the lawmakers when he said that he will take all necessary steps to help people already on Medicaid.

Kevin Brady, the Tax chairman was pleased when he heard Trump saying that the US unfairly allows imports without charging anything. House Speaker Paul Ryan wants to impose import taxes and bring about border adjustability. Trump hinted at making changes to the tax package deliberately avoiding border tax issue. While taking about changing the education system, immigration laws and paid family leave, Trump remained as vague as possible without divulging the details.

Democrats were enthusiastic about Trump’s proposal for a trillion dollar infrastructure project while the Republicans don’t want him to undertake big projects. While Trump has proposed a $54 billion addition to the budget, he didn’t clarify how he is going to come up with the money. The Republicans want more money for military budget and they don’t want to derail federal agencies actions either. It was expected that Trump would reveal his plans on budget cuts to promote military spending.

Trump succeeded in making a presidential speech without offending anyone. However, the Congress is left with even more questions because no policy specifics were exposed. Nevertheless, both the parties are willing to wait and watch the executive plan from the White House.


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